Life Question: Discipline Of Children


Life Question: Discipline Of Children

Why should a person go to church?


How do I discipline a child in today time of growing child rights and should my disciplinary actions include physical chastisement?  

Why should I go to Church?


Raising Responsible Children: A Balanced Approach to Discipline
The question of child discipline remains complex, evolving alongside societal changes and cultural influences. While there are numerous viewpoints on the topic, I believe every child benefits from a positive and consistent disciplinary plan established early on, ideally from one to two years old.

Here’s my perspective on the essential elements of such a plan:

Teaching and Guidance: Instead of solely relying on punishment, focus on explanation and guidance. Explain to the child what they did wrong and why it’s not acceptable. Use age-appropriate language they can understand.

Modeling Positive Behavior: Children learn most effectively through observation and imitation. Model the behavior you expect by demonstrating patience, respect, and self-control.

Encouraging Positive Choices: Following an explanation of the wrong action, direct the child towards the right response. Offer positive reinforcement when they make better choices.

Consistent Consequences: When negative behavior occurs, apply predetermined and consistent consequences. These consequences should be age-appropriate and meaningful. Ideally, they should relate directly to the misbehavior and provide a learning opportunity. For example, if a child throws a toy, it might involve calmly removing the toy and explaining that throwing hurts.

Important Considerations:

Avoid physical punishment: This can be counterproductive and harmful to child development.
Maintain a calm and firm tone: Avoid yelling or raising your voice.
Focus on teaching and guiding, not shaming: The goal is to help them learn, not make them feel bad about themselves.
Adapt the approach to the child’s age and development: What works for a toddler will need adjustments for older children.

Every child is unique and will respond differently to disciplinary measures.
This is just a framework, and the specifics of your discipline plan will be influenced by your values, culture, and child’s individual needs.
Seek guidance from child development experts or trusted professionals if you have concerns.

Church and religion is as old as man and as complicated as man.

To examine this question I will not go into religion deeply.  I am going to answer this question from basic everyday approach.  As a practicing Christian everything I believe tells me to answer with a resounding , “Yes.” But this question require a little more direction.

The church is  a place where people of like minds come together and witness to one another giving examples of how good and bad things have happen and how they have  overcome them.  The advantage of going church is to see example of how common people like you and me have faced unsurmountable challenges with nothing but faith. You see FAITH is  contagious. . We all can benefit from seeing and hearing success stories, it fill   us with confidence, it powers our desire and encourage us to battle on daily. Every person will have to answer this question for themselves but consider the upside.

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